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There Is No Mental Health Care Shortage at Harvard

The mental health crisis at Harvard is not a crisis of a lack of resources, but rather a crisis of culture: the inevitable collision between our drive for ceaseless achievement and the painful fact that we are mere mortals. Despite the difficulty of self-care here, however, we remain free to take better care of ourselves. Now, more than ever, we have the resources to do so — if only we reach out and take advantage of them.

Depressed? Ask Your Doctor if a Placebo is Right for You

It isn’t that therapy is no better than a placebo. It’s that relationships of care and support are the most fundamental component of psychological well-being, whether or not they’re embedded within a medical system.

If You Can’t Hire More Therapists, Make Them

The effectiveness of layperson therapists hints at a deeper truth about psychotherapy: Therapy is not an arcane art, passed down through the hallowed guilds of Freud and Beck, but rather a structured human relationship.