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‘Undervalued, but Highly Utilized’: CAs, TFs, and the Quality of a Harvard Education

The experiences of CAs and TFs alike — in CS50 and beyond — have shed light on a number of teaching-related issues at the University: low wages, inadequate training for teaching staff, and inaccessible faculty. The question is, do these factors pose a barrier to the high quality of instruction that Harvard advertises? And if it does, is the Harvard paradigm evidence of a growing devaluation of higher education at large?

Lost on a Run and Finding Home

I realized, in what felt like the middle of nowhere, on this expedition to prove to myself that I could find security in my new environment, that I was alone in being responsible for myself.

Harvard Salata Institute Sponsors Six New Student-Led Climate Initiatives

Harvard’s Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability announced that it is sponsoring six new student-led climate projects across campus through its Student Organization Funding Pilot Program in a Feb. 13 press release.

Harvard Salata Institute Announces Grants to Five Interdisciplinary Climate Research Clusters

The Harvard Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability announced grants to five research groups featuring 30 faculty members from across the University on Monday, marking the first projects funded by the Salata Institute since its establishment in fall 2022.

Harvard Study Finds ExxonMobil Scientists Accurately Predicted Climate Change, Despite Denial

A Harvard-led team of researchers found in a study published earlier this month that internal ExxonMobil projections accurately predicted human-caused climate change even as the company downplayed its risks in public statements.

Divest Harvard Alumni Demand Ban on Research Funding From Companies With Fossil Fuel Ties

A year after Harvard pledged to divest its endowment from fossil fuels, an alumni group is calling on the University to turn down research funding from companies with ties to the fossil fuel industry.