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Four Places to Get Flowers Around Campus

As the year comes to a close, it feels like all of your friends and/or estranged suitemates have performances they’re participating in. If you want to show up with flowers to support them, we have compiled a list of options for all preferences!

Petali Flowers!

Flowers at Petali!

Lowell House

Welcome to Lowell House! It’s home to the iconic blue bell tower, so you have probably heard of it (or its bells, at least). On top of being one of the closest houses to the Yard, Lowell is steeped in tradition and community. From weekly tea and steins to neon raves and Roman-God-themed formals, what’s not to lo(well)ve?

Alignment Chart: What to You Listen To While Studying

Considering that Harvard students signed a contract with the devil (academia) to spend every waking hour working, it is no surprise that they will do anything, especially listening to music, to make it more fun and/or efficient. Sometimes it feels like the audio is our only companion in the encroaching loneliness of Lamont. However, nothing we hold dear is safe from the Criticisms of Society, so we have decided to judge your listening choices and convict them of having certain ~vibes~.

Flyby Imagines: What is Going to Be On the Annenberg Ceiling?

If you haven’t been to Annenberg lately, you may not realize that the ceiling is currently covered due to construction. Here, Flyby imagines (using expert Photoshop skills) some possibilities of what could be added to the ceiling of Annenberg