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‘1-2-3, A.D. Tree, That’s How Easy Love Can Be’

You blushed — your leaves were turning red as the weather got colder. You dropped a leaf down to me and I held it like a hand. We agreed that what we had was real — no situationship, no post-party hookup. We agreed not to see other people.

Album Review: Björk’s ‘Fossora’ Grounds and Connects Us

Music lovers should all be thankful for Björk. In a time when patient, mindful art-making is succumbing to the TikTok content-churning machine, listeners should treasure the fact that she still has the means (and the guts) to dedicate time, effort, and emotional labor to a cohesive project.

Jennifer Egan Owns Her Unconscious

Readers of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jennifer Egan gathered at the Brattle Theater on Friday, April 8, for an hour-long event featuring a reading and Q&A from the author’s latest novel, “The Candy House.”