Mariah M. Norman

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Hell Doesn't Seem So Hot From Up Here

Morisey looks back on her experience at Radcliffe with bittersweet pride. Even as she reminisces on the difficulty of being a Black Cliffie, I sense that she sees a bigger picture, one beyond each negative moment she experienced as an undergraduate. This doesn’t necessarily mean ignoring pain and strife or dismissing her 1969 self’s experiences, but Morisey refuses to let these moments define her.

Cultural Rhythms: Back and Here to Stay for the 36th Year in a Row

The extravagant showcase of culturally diverse individual and group student performances has become the largest event that the Foundation plans each year alongside smaller initiatives like dialogues and peer-to-peer workshops promoting equity and inclusion.

A Spring of Discontent

But before local school board members started contending with critical race theory, critical legal studies was fanning a flame that would spark one of the most tense periods in the history of Harvard Law School.

The Dialectics of the Black Harvard Woman

To be a Black woman at Harvard is to exist as a walking paradox: A living, breathing revolution. The dialectics of my existence — and that of every other Black woman at this institution — means forming a vibrant community of love and resilience amidst the generations of hatred stacked against us, and boldly demanding the uplifting of our truth within a veritas that was never intended to include us in the first place.