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Mary Cassatt: Impressions of the World Away from Men

We can all learn to be bolder from Mary Cassatt's adventurous life and artistic experimentation, and we can appreciate the beauty of womanhood for its own sake through her sensitive depictions of the domestic sphere, which make her a stand-out figure within a radical group of artists.

‘House of the Dragon’ Premiere Review: A Fantastical, Female-Driven Tale

It is inevitable that “House of the Dragon” will always be compared to its incredibly popular predecessor, “Game of Thrones,” but its pilot episode suggests that the new series will be just as superb.

Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun: A Study in Courtly Charm and Artistic Empathy

Her portraits continued to refuse an era or tradition, and her sensitive and empathetic portrayals of high-ranking individuals garnered even more popularity for her works.

Artemisia Gentileschi: Female Empowerment in the Artistic Mythos

Her work often featured scenes of strong and empowered women taking down tyrannical male villains, and were laden with double meanings in the context of her own trauma.