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Amber H. Levis

Amber H. Levis is a co-chair of Fifteen Minutes Magazine of The Crimson's 150th Guard. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @amberlevis.

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Subway Surfers

I was terrified that the rest of my life would be like high school: I would be forever chasing that next line on my resume, that laureate title or publication — swerving around railcars for one more gold coin — in hopes of one more glimpse into how to understand and describe my human condition.

ManRay FM

This January, ManRay nightclub returned to Central Square after 18 years since last closing its doors. We sent MMFW to investigate if its own revival has succeeded in reviving the Cambridge LGBTQ+ subculture.

Fifteen Questions: Rakesh Khurana on Pizza, Veritas, and “Squishy Things”

The Dean of the College sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss how Harvard has transformed him and the challenges he sees ahead. “I’m not saying that we’re a perfect institution, but we’re trying to be good for the world,” he says.

A Pathetic Aesthetic

The aestheticization — dare I say fetishization — of female pain reaffirms the conditions that made girls sad in the first place. Simply put, the Sad Girl reeks of complacency.