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5 Better Mascots Than a Harvard Turkey

Following the scoreboard, perhaps the second most horrifying thing from The Game was the wild turkey mascot we all saw running through the stands. Sure, it was funny in the moment to pose for a selfie with it, but imagine if our new game day mantras become “Go Turkeys!” or “Gobble Gobble”… yikes!

Flyby's Fall 2022 Playlist

Fall has many moods. Some days, the sun hits the newly yellowed leaves in just the right way and all feels right in the world. Other days, you have to pull your jacket a little closer so the Cambridge winds and midterm burnout don’t sweep you away. Here’s a playlist for all those moods. Listen to it in order for a romantic storyline or shuffle play for more chaos.

Flyby Presents: Lecture Bingo!

We already seem to be at that time of the semester where going to lecture seems like simply too much effort. So if you needed extra motivation to show up at those 9 a.m.s – or even 10:30s – now you can play along to Flyby’s lecture bingo to keep you alert during those 75 minutes.

Love it/Hate it: Spring

Walking through the Yard these days makes me happy. Long gone are the days when it would already be dark when I walked into my 4:30 p.m. section in Emerson. Now, as I leave class at 5:30 p.m, I am greeted by music playing from speakers or guitars, a game of frisbee, and the most adorable dogs in Cambridge running in front of me. Spring makes me want to be more efficient in my work and appreciate these simpler pleasures.

Dunster House

Do you miss John from Annenberg already? Then you better pray that the Housing Gods put in his new house — Dunster! If you end up in Dunster, you can boast about your room’s unobstructed view of the Charles and dominance in intramurals over a meal in the beautiful dining hall, while making your engineering friends jealous that you don’t need a shuttle to get to the SEC.