Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection

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Harvard Square, Charles River and Allston

A bird’s-eye view of Allston taken before World War II with Harvard Stadium and the Business School visible. Much of the low-lying Allston area had yet to be developed by Harvard which were open fields or small developments.

Chariot at Charles River Speedway, Harvard Stadium in Background

In a pre-World War II photograph, a chariot races along the former Charles River Speedway in Allston with Harvard Stadium in the distance. Much of this area of Allston was a former grassy marshland before it became an extension of Harvard campus.

Harvard along the Charles River from Weeks Memorial Bridge

A March 1932 photo of Eliot House taken from Weeks Footbridge with a sandbar in the foreground. Many of the River Houses along the Charles may be susceptible to increased flooding in the next century due to climate change.

Collecting Hay along Charles River near Harvard

In a photo taken circa 1934–1956, farmers collect hay on a low-lying Allston marsh near where Cumnock Fields and the Harvard Athletic Complex stand today. Anderson Memorial Bridge and Newell Boathouse are pictured in the background.