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If You Want Change, You Want Voter Turnout

We need to cultivate a culture that shows people their vote matters at every level, and these policies would definitely help achieve that goal. No matter if it’s for the president or a city council member, every vote matters. Once we can collectively accept this reality, the country will truly improve.

Yes, the Left Should Be Worried About Censorship

There will always be those who don’t listen, but we must strive to curb the trend of polarization. As Harvard students, we sometimes fall into this trap, forming our own echo chamber and not giving opposing views a place. Listening shouldn’t come at the expense of one’s mental health or well-being, and not everyone is open to discussion. But, if conceivable, instead of pushing a differing opinion away, we should try to spend some time understanding where the speaker is coming from and respectfully offer our own opinion as well.

The Real Reason the Confederate Flag Bothers Me

Harvard affiliates benefit from the social clout the school carries, and that should come with the responsibility to push back against false information. Many Harvard graduates go on to fill powerful leadership roles within society, and their voices all hold weight. As a collective, we can fight against many of the false narratives pushed in society.