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Is Mather Really as Far from the Yard as the Quad?

Ever spent time poring over life’s really important questions, namely wondering whether the Quad is actually as far from the Yard as Mather House? Wonder no further. We forced one of our writers to walk to the Quad and Mather House just to put her walking skills to the test and see which trip would take longer. Results may shock you!

Flyby’s Guide to the Oscars 2022 (AKA Flyby Tries: Becoming a Film Snob in Time for the Oscars)

Whether you’re tuning in just for the outfits, to procrastinate your psets, to see what big mistake the Academy will commit this year, or to hear “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” performed live, Flyby Blog is here to provide you with context for the night’s major contenders. After reading this, you’ll be able to impress your Film Nerd crush, seem culturally in the loop for about two days, and go nuts on Twitter until everyone forgets about the Oscars and nominations are announced next year.

BINGO! Harvard Square is Kinda Quirky

It’s been a crazy semester so far. With the Harvard shuttle recently crashing into Tasty Burger, it’s only a matter of time before something else crazy happens. We here at Flyby have got you covered with our predictions for the next unexpected thing to happen in our neck of the woods. See how long it takes us to get a bingo ;(

Flyby Tries: Masquerading as a Y*le Student

Why just *attend* The Game at Yale, when you can BECOME Yale? If you're looking to spice up your latest trip to New Haven, try masquerading as everyone's (least) favorite bulldogs. You might get booed by every other Harvard student, but it'll be worth it for the ~ruse~.

Flyby Appreciates the Heck Out of HUDS Workers, and You Should Too

We're back in full swing, and HUDS staff have been truly been our rock throughout it all. Just as we've been adapting to unique new circumstances, they have too! In case you needed more convincing, here are some of our favorite things about HUDS.

Let Us Know Your Halloween Costume and We’ll Guess Your Personality

It’s everybody’s favorite time of year: it’s socially acceptable to wear whatever you want in public, you’re encouraged to eat your body weight in candy, and there’s something scarier than any midterms or finals coming up in the air. That’s right. It’s Halloween. And since we can be anything, read on to discover what your choice of costume says about you.