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Jennifer Luong

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Harvard’s Peer Support Networks

The staffers of Harvard's five peer counseling organizations occupy a complicated space — on one hand, they need to manage their own lives and mental health, and on the other, they’ve volunteered to support fellow students through their struggles.

Into the Elephant's Den

Four years ago, the Harvard Republican Club chose not to endorse Donald Trump, denouncing his “racial slander” as a “threat to the survival of the Republic.” Several weeks ago, the same club released a very different decision, not only endorsing the President but describing his policies as leading to “the most prosperous and safe lives for Black Americans.” So, what changed? Exploring a central group chat described as a “lion’s den,” a previous election characterized by “Harvard snakery to the millionth degree,” and the experience of two women on the club’s board, The Crimson dug into the factors behind the club’s controversial reversal.

A Driveway Full of Shining Eyes

Even though Boston Symphony Hall stands silent today, its music is "coming to life again" in Benjamin Zander's driveway. "Since May, Benjamin Zander’s two-car driveway on Brattle Street has slowly filled with live music; the audience now reaches 200 guests, spread out across the driveway and down the street, all wearing masks."