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Remembering Johnny Pacheco: Fania Forever

It is impossible to describe how it feels having two tracks of claves or trumpets or piano lines play on top of each other, pulling your hips spry in one direction and sending your head up to cry when the polyphony snatches any instinct out from under you. Anything you think you know is dust in the face of the music.

‘Tapestry’ at 50: Carole King’s Roadmap Homeward

Let the piano tell it. That instrument, invented circa 1700, lasted two hundred and seventy-one years until Carole King came along to sit there and flip it around just so.

Conjure Love Through serpentwithfeet’s Exquisite ‘Fellowship’

Watch serpentwithfeet traverse its shore on his new single and video for “Fellowship,” off the forthcoming album “DEACON” (out March 26), and the answer washes in on waves, a whispered, incantatory “yes.”

Aubrey Plaza Turns Auteur in Hypnotic, Surreal ‘Black Bear’

When sex and death are often coupled up in film; they clash and burn, usually ending in kicking-and-screaming terror. Director Lawrence Michael Levine knows this, and his film “Black Bear,” now available on VOD, sets up erotic sequences which spiral into extended, dizzying vignettes focused less on these disarming acts than the conditions in artistic communities which allow them to occur.

NYFF Panel: The Artist, The Athlete, and the Revolutionary

The discussion pushed audiences beyond simplistic questions about the responsibility of Black artists, the palatability of their work for white audiences, and how celebrity supposedly removes them from their community.