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Dropping Out and Cashing In: The Rise of DAOHQ

Lucas Chu and Emmet Halm, Harvard drop-outs and founders of crypto startup DAOHQ, see themselves as part of a new vanguard of anti-institutional entrepreneurs. But have they really distanced themselves from the institutions they critique?

Therapize Me?

What would accessible, meaningful, comprehensive mental health care at Harvard entail? How can our existing services be used in concert to provide a more tailored safety net for students? And what responsibility does the University have in providing this network of care?

Bad Plant Mom

Plenty of people kill their plants, but I shouldn’t be one of them. Plants motivate much of my art and writing; I’m taking a plant biology course and researching forests for my thesis. There’s an embarrassing dissonance between how much I care about plants and how little I manage to take care of them.

Shelter Skelter

Councilor Quinton Y. Zondervan points out that an end to the pandemic could come with a surge in homelessness, as the eviction moratorium expires. “There’s going to be a wave of evictions, of people who couldn’t afford to pay their rent. It’s a horrible disaster waiting to happen,” he says. “[It will] disproportionately impact Black and Brown community members ... We can’t go back to normal,” he adds. “We have to [do] better, because normal was unjust.”

Classically Abby is a Shande Far Di Goyim

"Pretty much every girl I know has seen advertisements for these videos. Her ads are like the Shen Yun fliers of YouTube: ubiquitous, pretty, and vaguely cult-like. All of her thumbnails somehow look identical, even though she is wearing slightly different hairdos in all of them."