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A New Space for Podcasts

It’s a Friday afternoon in Los Angeles. Samuel T. Rukeyser and David S. Lu Zoom in from their backyard, where they’re seated in white lawn chairs. Lu, who wears a simple gray sweatshirt, leans back with his legs crossed. Rukeyser has on a T-shirt with a pair of sunglasses tucked into the neck. They look, for lack of a better word, cool — pretty close to what you’d expect from two guys who dropped out of Harvard to create their own app. In their case, the app is Airr, an audio sharing platform.

The Final Months of a Covid-Plagued Senior Year

I expected the first part of her answer. The point of this article was to chronicle a senior blocking group’s spoiled final year at Harvard. But what I found in my reporting was slightly more complicated.

The Case for RepHAIRations Hair Shop

Mangcu, Adams, and Bailey grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of diverse hair care products in Arlington and Cambridge. Enter RepHAIRations, which opened its doors in Arlington on June 19 — Juneteenth.

This Taiwanese Video Game Stirred an International Controversy. Now It Sits on the Shelves of the Harvard-Yenching Library.

Last month, the Harvard-Yenching Library added a controversial video game to its collection. “Our work is to support our faculty members, students, and visiting scholars,” explains Xia-he Ma, a librarian. “If the patron wants materials to do research or teaching, we usually will support them.” Others didn't share his opinion.