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How To: Write and Send a Letter

After months in quarantine, we’ve grown a little tired of seeing our friends through Netflix Party,, and Houseparty. Looking for a new way to communicate with your friends that doesn’t involve a screen? Read on to discover the art of the letter.

Quiz: How Will You Meet People Remotely During Virtual Visitas?

Even if Visitas has been moved online, there are still tons of different ways to get to know your future classmates. Worried you won’t find your people? Take this quiz to find out how to form those deep relationships with your future peers.

virtual visitas communication quiz design

virtual visitas communication quiz design

Best Housing Day Signs

As the weather begins to heat up, so does blocking drama. With Housing Day right around the corner, we’ve gathered some of the best Housing Day signs from the archives to get you excited about the house you’ll get sorted into (and maybe transfer out of…).