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Extracellular Vesicles Can Heal Cardiac Cells After Oxygen Deprivation, Harvard Researchers Find

Harvard researchers have successfully used a human heart-on-chip to demonstrate that endothelial extracellular vesicles — particles released from cells lining the surface of blood vessels — are able to keep cardiac cells viable both during and after oxygen deprivation due to a heart attack.

SEAS Will Begin Allston Move-In in November

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences will begin moving into the Science and Engineering Complex in Allston during the first week of November after the complex obtained its Certificate of Occupancy last week.

SEAS Accelerates Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Priorities

The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has begun several new initiatives this semester which aim to fulfill its Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging priorities for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The Allston Science Complex’s Winding Path to Completion

COVID-19, which struck just as the SEC was teetering on the edge of completion, marks the latest development in a tale of conception and construction spanning the last three decades.

Allston SEC Construction

Located next to the Harvard Business School and Harvard Innovation Labs, The Science and Engineering Complex will serve as a home for facilities of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, with expected daily visitors including more than 900 undergraduate students and 400 SEAS graduate students.

Inside SEAS Allston SEC

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dean Francis J. Doyle III announced in an April email to SEAS affiliates that Harvard will delay the opening of its new Science and Engineering Complex in Allston due to challenges posed by the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Internet Adapting Well to COVID-19 Pressures for Now, Harvard Affiliates Say

Harvard affiliates studying the impact of COVID-19 on the Internet have concluded that while the Internet has thus withstood additional pressures amid the pandemic, the long-term consequences of skyrocketing demand remain unclear.