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Tamar Sarig

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The Battle for Mass Ave

Small businesses’ need for parking spaces has come into conflict with competing city interests: promoting road safety and encouraging more sustainable forms of travel.

How Not to Cook

If I kept hauling home a bag of miscellaneous produce every week, if I kept laboring over Moroccan baked fish and spiced chickpea stew, then maybe I was growing. Maybe I was clawing back control.

A Physician in the Patient's Chair

Susan D. Block, who has taught and researched doctor-patient communication and severe illness for decades, found herself on the other side of that relationship in the fall of 2018, which would transform her work, teaching, and practice.

Maintaining Morale in the Remote Classroom

Alongside technical difficulties and time zone differences, virtual education has brought a new set of challenges for professors and students: How do you foster a social-academic community when you can’t see anyone face-to-face?

Mental Health Data Shows Significant Signs of Depression and Anxiety at Harvard

Harvard students experience significantly higher rates of depression and anxiety than the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s reported national average, according to mental health survey results conducted by Harvard University Health Services in 2017 and 2018.