Justin F. Gonzalez

Justin F. Gonzalez '21 is Associate Multimedia Editor for News.

Photographer Justin F. Gonzalez can be reached at Follow him on X @jgratata.

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Roving Reporter: Harvard Freshmen Mostly Virgins...Again

How do Harvard freshmen feel about being virgins? Do they know Obama's last name? When did they lose their Sweetgreen virginity? Find out the answers to these questions and more. Video by Margaret F. Ross, Lauren A. Sierra, Amy Y. Li, and Justin F. González | The Harvard Crimson.

Sackler Protest

A crowd gathers in front of Lamont Library on Friday afternoon to protest the Arthur M. Sackler Museum. The Sackler is being scrutinized for being a leading cause of the opioid epidemic.

Clover Employees

Clover employees work inside the restaurant's Harvard Square location. The restaurant chain recently paid employees $79,000 in back wages and damages following a federal investigation.