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There are 15 reasons that you should read this issue: one for each of the seniors that we’ve decided to profile. “15 Most Interesting” is perhaps a misnomer — we could have selected several groups of 15 seniors to profile out of the many nominations we received.

Why The Hell Don't Harvard Students Vote?

At freshman convocation this September, University President Lawrence S. Bacow gave students their “first homework assignment”: to register to vote and cast a ballot. This was not a one-off line: It reflects a carefully orchestrated campus-wide effort to get out the vote.

House Hunters: Grad Student Edition

“That’s one of the bad things about being a grad student,” Jamison reflects. “It’s one of the few jobs where as a young professional with an advanced degree, you’re not in a position to accumulate wealth or invest in a 401k or in the equity of your home.”

Spring Forward… Forever? Massachusetts Considers Atlantic Standard Time

Recently, a commission established by the Mass. state legislature voted 9:1 to approve a report that weighs the benefits and drawbacks of DST. Their report recommends that Mass. switches to the Atlantic Standard Time zone, meaning that the state would effectively keep DST all-year round.