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Campus Landscape Services Now Use Battery-Powered Equipment

​Landscape Services, a unit of Harvard Campus Services, is replacing their traditional, fuel-powered landscaping equipment with battery-powered counterparts in an attempt to reduce noise and air pollution.

Panel Experts Talk Artificial Intelligence Ethics

​Computer science and public policy experts from Harvard and MIT spoke at a Kennedy School forum Thursday night about the potential of eliminating human bias and errors in policy-making through artificial intelligence.

Mass. Early Voting Draws More than 20 Percent of Registered Voters

More than one million Massachusetts residents cast ballots between Oct. 24 and Nov. 4, marking the Bay State’s first time allowing early voting in a presidential election.

GSD Lecturer Merges Art and Science in Cambridge Installation

Visitors can transform four large metal sculptures in Chuck Hoberman’s 10°, a new exhibit at Le Laboratoire in Cambridge.

Nieman Fellow Delves Into Difficulties of Reporting on Religion

Washington Post religion journalist and current Nieman fellow Michelle Boorstein described the difficulties journalists who report on religion face.