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Marella A. Gayla

Marella A. Gayla is the Magazine Chair for the 145th guard. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @marellagayla.

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God, Everything is so Asian These Days

As I scrutinized every white man over the age of 30 I told myself I just wanted to understand Edward Blum, but that was a lie. There are things I actually don’t understand, like cryptocurrency, airplanes, and lightning.

Paulo J. Pinto

It turns out that Pinto’s two hometowns—Oliveira do Hospital and Newark—sit on the same latitude. “It’s really weird,” he says. “My parents just went directly across the ocean.”


I usually make my pilgrimage when the start of school is in sight. While the ides of August have many people clinging to the hard-earned summer in their hides, I am eager to shed and start anew—and I mean this very literally.

Marjorie Garber

" Teaching a course is a matter of trying to find out where students’ interests are and presenting the material so that it catches fire for them," says Marjorie Garber. "That’s the thrill of it and the risk of it."