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Living Anatomy: Themes

The Living Anatomy exhibit is organized around a set of six themes that capture a glimpse of the conversations about housing happening at the GSD and among professional designers.

Spike Action

The Harvard men's volleyball team, shown in a previous contest against Sacred Heart, finished its season Wednesday after losing in the EIVA tournament to George Mason

"Six Microphones"

Robert Pietrusko stands amongst his exhibit “Six Microphones,” during its reception at the Carpenter Center on Saturday afternoon. The exhibit explores the role of audio feedback in the relationship between sound, space, and the body.

Stressbusting and Smoothies

Esther Jeon '18 rolls cookie dough at the Wellness Study Break on Thursday evening. Students flowed into the Harvard College Women’s Center to drink smoothies and receive massages from Stressbusters.

Ishmael Khaldi on the importance of minorities in Israel

Ishmael Khaldi details some of his own experiences of being a Muslim Bedouin minority in Israel and being the first Bedouin diplomat in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Khaldi discussed the significance of being a minority and their rights in Israel.