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'The Association of Small Bombs' Renders the Aftermath of Terror

Mahajan delves into the most pressing urgencies of the human experience and twists the reader’s sympathies with tremendous dexterity. He accomplishes all of this within beautifully sparkling prose—a rare combination that makes “The Association of Small Bombs” an indubitable standout.

'Bachelorette Surprises With a Dose of Darkness

The Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Company’s production of “Bachelorette,” which runs April 24 to May 5 in Farkas Hall, features evocative performances by a polished cast that tell a story far deeper than that of a mere bachelorette party.

Arts and Technology Speakers Come Together At Conference

Speakers from the arts and technology sectors came together on Thursday for “Art, Technology, Psyche,” an all-day conference hosted by the Digital Futures consortium and the Digital Arts and Humanities Group.

Artist Spotlight: Tania León

The Crimson speaks with composer, conductor, and arts educator Tania León about her artistic process on Saturday prior to the second of two concerts featuring her 2006 piece "Toque."