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Flyby's Spooky Season 2022 Playlist

Getting into the proper Halloween spirit is a very delicate, all-encompassing process. Whether you choose to do so by staging elaborate pranks on your suitemates come Oct. 31, planning 5 and ½ solo and group costumes, or filling your lungs solely with the sweet scent of candy-corn-midnight-ghost-tears-maple-jack-o'-lantern candles, we don’t judge. Use this playlist as the soundtrack to whatever spooky season endeavors you take on this year.

What’s New In the Square?

Harvard Square is a living, breathing, and ever-evolving organism. Shops, restaurants, and cafes come and go pretty often, and there have been (and will be) some major additions (and losses) to the heart of campus life. If you’re not sure what’s up with all the changes or what to expect in the next few months, here is your guide to what’s new in the Square.

Hacks for Free Coffee on Campus

You know why you clicked this article. You know what you’re here for. And yes, you read correctly: this is Flyby’s ultimate, comprehensive guide to where you can get *free* coffee on-campus— no strings attached!

How To: Engineer a Yale Meet Cute

We're been seeing the same old same old people this semester, so here's your opportunity to branch out! Go on, start that 2000's rom-com of your dreams this weekend with that random Yalie you meet at Toad's!

Free / Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

So. Halloween is approaching, everyone’s got their super cool outfits planned, and the online delivery dates for every costume order estimates at least a November arrival. What is a broke college student to do? Well, fear not! Check out these creative ideas for free, last-minute costume ideas that are sure to turn some heads at your less-than-10-person suite kickbacks this weekend.

We Got the Covid Vaccine & Here's How It Went

Since last March, Covid has been the only thing on people’s minds (...and Driver’s License, but we all knew that), but there is light at the end of the tunnel! With the vaccine rolling out across the country, we thought we’d give you all of the details to help you prepare for your dose.

Why We Declared STEM

Presenting… Sophomore declarations of 2020, STEM edition! It might feel like there are three billion different STEM concentrations here at Harvard, so we’ve compiled a bit of insight into just a couple of the paths you might decide to take.