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The Passing of the FM Torch

CORDELIA F. MENDEZ ’16 , Chair I’m not going to say Cordelia F. Mendez ’16 could run the world, but I’m confident that she could at least run the country. That’s because Cordelia is easily one of the most competent people you will ever meet. And if you haven’t met her yet, then you should, because she is as smiley and friendly as she is capable.

Body Talk

While discussions about mental health often occur at Harvard today, many students say issues around body image and eating disorders remain in the shadows. Those affected suffer, for the most part, quietly and unsure of whom to turn to for help.

Conversations with Louis Menand

Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of English Louis Menand will not travel far for his sabbatical next year. His office will move exactly 0.1 miles—a two-minute walk, according to Google Maps—from the Barker Center to Widener Library.

Harvard Thinks Big VI

My eyes are tearing up as I make my way up to the balcony seats in Sanders Theater. Not because I’m overly excited by the prospect of Harvard Thinks Big VI, but because it is cold as hell, and my eyes haven’t stopped watering since I stepped outside.

J-Term Journal: Tokyo International Airport

Why do people fall out of love? I write that in my notebook at Tokyo Haneda International Airport. It’s a lofty question to be asking myself at 6:00 a.m., when, beyond the concrete slabs of runway, a city is just beginning to wake up.