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A Story in Meals

People say food can represent culture. I like food as well as the next human being. However, perhaps I was not gifted with particularly refined taste buds, as I never understood what food could do over any other facet of culture—clothing, celebrations, values.

GSAS Hosts Symposium on Student Research

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ inaugural Harvard Horizons initiative—a program designed to highlight some of the best work of Harvard Ph.D. students­­—culminated in a TED Talk-style symposium on Monday.

GSAS Student Council Elects New Members

The Graduate Student Council of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences elected Summer A. Shafer as GSC president Wednesday evening. Several other executive board positions were taken in a surprise coup that Shafer called “an impromptu coalition,” as a number of write-in candidacies were declared at last night’s meeting.

GSC Works For New Mental Health Programs

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ Graduate Student Council is adapting mental health programs implemented the College to fit its own independent mental health resources.

Harvard University Press Partners with AcademicPub to Digitize Content

The sight of students hunched over, burdened by an overflowing bag of books, is all too familiar in Harvard Yard. But with Harvard University Press’s digital content partnership agreement with AcademicPub, it may soon become a thing of the past.

Facebook Seeks to Return to Cambridge

Launched in a Kirkland dorm room, Facebook is now seeking 7,000 square feet of office space in the Kendall Square area, reports the Boston Business Journal. The new office space would be just a few miles from Harvard Square, and from the Phoenix Club, which may now find itself becoming Zuckerberg's personal ping pong room.

Studying the Uncommon

In the seventeenth century, Harvard students were required to take three years each of Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Syriac as well as demonstrate fluency in Latin as part of their graduation requirements, according to The Crimson.

Widespread Rumors Claim Harvard Students Are Super Studious

According to an op-ed penned by University Professor Robert C. Darnton '60, director of the Harvard University Library, there is a widespread belief in China that the walls of Harvard libraries are graced by 20 allocutions which express an expectation that Harvard students constantly grind away at studies.