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"Hunger Games" Catches Excitement

Grounded by grand world-building, a superb supporting cast, and the always-electric Jennifer Lawrence, “Catching Fire” is a powerfully acted and fantastically imagined glimpse into a frightening future.

"Ender" A Well-Played Adaptation

Since its publication 28 years ago, “Ender’s Game” has received acclaim for author Orson Scott Card’s innovative imagination of space and complicated condemnation of violence. The novel is as action-packed as it is cerebral, and in his movie adaptation, director Gavin Hood proves his ability.

Lahiri Rises from “The Lowland”

Though she occasionally leans on clichéd emotional crutches, the unique temporal landscape and surprising twists of “The Lowland” mark it as a signature Lahiri book, albeit a darker and less redemptive tale than those explored in her previous works.

Self-Medication and Morbid Meditation

In the follow-up to his 2009 novel “Tinkers,” Harding returns to the same location, the Massachusetts town of Enon; the same family, two generations later; and the same theme, death and the relationships that can transcend it.


DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania—The city rose half-built along the coast. Enterprise and resources somersaulted over each other, tripping and colliding in their haste to erect the next gleaming structure.

Taste the Rainbow

ZANZIBAR, Tanzania—Dusty red was the blur of a young girl’s headscarf as she darted through the bumpy streets of the inner island, her stick-thin legs flying under a faded orange skirt, her silhouette a sunset complementing the Zanzibari winter air.