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Brittanie H. Maxwell '14, Elizabeth M. Parker '14, and Whitney A. Lee '14 pose for a photo as they commemorate the eve of Housing Day by making personalized t-shirts.

River Run

Keeping with tradition, the Class of 2014 spent their Housing Day Eve hanging out in Annenberg Hall, visiting upperclassman Houses with their blocking groups, and praying to the River Gods.

Students Protest Cantor's Speech at IOP

House Majority Leader Eric I. Cantor (R-Va.) spoke at the Institute of Politics Thursday night concerning proposed cuts to the federal budget, causing students to protest spending cuts to the AmeriCorps program. Dozens of students gathered in JFK Park before Cantor's scheduled talk, and then demonstrated in and around the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum while Cantor was speaking and answering questions.

Protesters at the anti-Eric I. Cantor rally demonstrate against federal budget cuts.