Arts 2023

Editor's Note: This year on Arts, we're featuring 10 stories that showcase what we think is at the heart of Harvard life: art (broadly defined, of course) and the artists who make it. Read on for features on conversations with Harvard artists, thinkpieces and investigations reexaming how we view art, and more from campus and beyond.

Artist Profile: Rome Streetz Reflects on His Career During Campus Visit

Apollonia Poilâne ’07 and the Culture of Bread

Legacy. History. Institution. All of these words come to mind when thinking of the famous bakery, an almost century-old Parisian institution of which Poilâne serves as the careful custodian.

Artist Profile: Claire J. Saffitz ’09 on Bread, Butter, and the Roads Less Traveled

Looking back on her career, over a decade after she was one of countless black caps lining the Yard for Harvard Commencement, Saffitz seems to have made the right choice.

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament: Lessons On and Off the Court

It is time to stop forcing female athletes to prove themselves and instead celebrate their greatness rather than simply accepting it.

‘FACE’ Album Review: A Seductive Reflection On Fame and Loneliness in Jimin’s Solo Debut

As the first vocalist from K-pop supergroup BTS to release a full album, Jimin’s “FACE” is one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2023.

‘The Watcher’ Review: An Outstandingly Terrifying Depiction of a True Story

“The Watcher” sets itself apart from other stalker films by focusing on unexpected sources of fear apart from the main antagonist.

'The L Word: Generation Q' Season 3 Review: A Flaming Hot Mess

What remains is a shoddy construction that can barely hold itself together, let alone live up to the standards set by its predecessor.

Dr. Felix Flicker Discusses ‘The Magick of Physics’ at the Harvard Science Center

“People will agree that there’s something inherently magical about the stars,” said Flicker.