April 8, 2021

Volume XXXII, Issue IX

Editor's Note

Dear reader, We apologize for bringing you this issue a few days late. Although there were some snafus on our production end, as we near the end of a virtual semester and Zoom fatigue sets in, our staff’s content remains as strong as ever. This issue includes two thorough and fascinating retrospections: SJL and KNF tell the story of mini dioramas of Harvard that used to be in Widener and are currently under restoration, and SWF and VX tell us about huge controversies and protests over Students for a Just Peace, a group of conservative students in the 1970s that aimed to provide a platform for pro-Vietnam War perspectives. Both also have stunning archival images. We have two great features: ZL profiles HerCapital, an organization that seeks to empower female investors, and TCK talks to Alex Corey about being a non-tenure faculty member during a pandemic. A slate of inquiries and introspections to make you think, cry, and laugh: SSI tells the moving story of her relationship with her grandmother and love across language barriers. MSB writes about a friendship that fell apart. LJR takes a critical eye to Hawaii’s tourism industry. And KNR writes about the beauty assigned to ethnic and racial types, and how those perceptions affect the people scripted into those types. KNR also brings us a beautiful “Visions” piece reflecting on related experiences. As thought-provoking, but also witty and hilarious, is HRTW’s set of mock Harvard NFTs. Buy one today! Finally, grounding the issue is EDP’s incisive, personal, and intellectually powerful exploration of race and Harvard’s final clubs — not the usual take, of their racial exclusivity, but the ways in which students of color inhabit those spaces and how their existence within final clubs forces us to rethink how race, gender, status, and exclusivity function on our campus. If you’re near campus, we recommend taking a walk and keeping an eye out for the bluebells, which bloomed recently and won’t be around much longer. And regardless, take care! Until next time, MNW+OGO