September 29, 2022

Volume XXXIII, Issue XII

Editor's Note

Madam President, Mr. Managing Editor, Associate Magazine Editors, my fellow Americans — and you, dear reader: When I ran for FM Chair, I pledged to bring you all a scrutiny every two weeks. Tonight, I’m proud to announce that I’ve delivered on this goal once again. “The Last Harvard Giant” profiles Derek C. Bok, the University’s 25th and oldest living president. Bok expanded the Kennedy School to engage students in civics, yet he insisted that Harvard itself remain politically neutral; he earnestly advocated for affirmative action yet defends the University’s investments in apartheid South Africa to this day. As we turn our sights forward to finding the next Harvard president, Bok’s reflections on his two decades in office, as well as the larger-than-life legacy he left behind, still feel as urgent as ever. Such a natural leader and prodigious scholar is hard to come by — so I’m really glad she decided to write a scrut this semester. IBC tackled this project with even greater intensity than our VapoCOOL Severe Max Strength Fast Relief cough drops, and her writing stuns with its clarity, cogency, and poise. Of course, leading a magazine also comes with its fair share of issues. For instance, how should we communicate and connect with each other in an increasingly religiously diverse society? AVM went out to consult Comparative Religion Professor Diana L. Eck and returned with some answers. I’ve also assigned some of the brightest minds in the nation to investigate our most pressing challenges, including the bioethics of genetic screening (AVM again!), the reclamation of Indigenous language scholarship (JL), the dangerous allure of conforming to beauty standards (TS), and the unfair labor practices threatening the livelihoods of millions of Americans, particularly the Porcellian Club punch class (HRTW). We must never forget those who paid the ultimate price for our noble cause, and SM wrote a touching tribute for the Old Jefe’s location, fallen in combat. Lastly, I’d like to honor some of the Crimeds in this chamber who have bravely served our board. Thank you to MG, for delivering Tatte pastries and brutal honesty. To SS and MH, for Harvard presidents as vegetables. To JH, for podcasts and punctuality. To RCU, for Excedrin Tension Headache Relief. To JGG, for well-intentioned (albeit flawed) legal advice. And to MVE, for all the ups and downs in office — but hey, at least the new decor is cute. The State of FM is strong. Go read Issue XII to see for yourself. Sincerely, your Chairwomen, SSL & MVE