Arts Vanity: An Ode to Crimson Arts Production Night

As a final love letter to production night, I present: a poem composed entirely of quotes from closeouts emails — a record, a relic, a portrait of this odd, exhausting, crazy, wonderful thing that is Crimson Arts.

Arts Vanity: In the Mood for Films

My biggest goal as film executive has always been to nudge writers into loving film, and helping them find new films to love. Nothing has touched me more than having a writer or exec say that I’ve changed how they view films.

Arts Vanity: Bad Queer Art: A Sampling

I have decided to come clean: There have been points in my life where I have indulged in some bad queer art. Sometimes, at the end of a long day, I just want to cradle the $3 lesbian flag that I got from some horrifying Target pride sale.

Arts Vanity: Help! The Impractical Jokers are Ruining My Life

Outgoing Social EAL / Unofficial Film EAL / EAL’s Corner Executive Connor S. Dowd has been a social experiment conducted by truTV in association with the “Impractical Jokers.” Don’t tell him that we told you or else you’ll ruin the prank.

Arts Vanity: I Would Sell my Kidney to Meet Bruno Mars

In the common room of our Lowell suite, one of my eight blockmates posed the question which would come to redefine our relationship forever: What would you give up to meet your favorite celebrity?

Arts Vanity: My Favorite Drakeo the Ruler Songs: Long Live the LA Legend

Last November, I wrote about my Top 5 Drakeo songs in celebration of his release from prison. Here is an updated, unranked list of my favorite Drakeo songs in honor of the late West Coast legend. Rest in Peace. Long Live The Greatest.

Arts Vanity: (Short) Girls to the Front

I have been stuck behind a too-tall concertgoer far too many times to ignore the fact that, for someone coming in at five-foot-three inches like me, watching a general admission show from anywhere behind the first three rows is an endless battle.

Arts Vanity: Help! A Pitch About 'Glee' Took Over My Crimson Identity

I fear that my legacy in the eyes of the 151s, the 150s, and even, woefully, the beloved incoming execs of the 149th Guard has become inextricable from one horrible, wonderful television series about a high school show choir in Ohio.

Arts Vanity: How to be the Quirky Best Friend in a Trashy Rom-Com: A Comprehensive Guide

We all know who the real hero of the rom-com genre is: Katherine’s flamboyant co-worker Jim, who offers sage nuggets of wisdom in between sassy quips about how stripes make Katherine look fat. Why be a Richard or a Katherine when you can be a Jim?

Arts Vanity: Confessions of an 'ARTPOP' Apologist

You read the title, you know where this is going, and you know what I am about to say. You may disagree with me. You may want to argue with me. You may even be one of the many Lana Del Ray stans who recently attacked me on Twitter. But deep down, you know that I am right; you just don’t want to admit it.

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