74 Harvard Undergraduates Awarded 2023 Hoopes Prize

This year’s Hoopes Prize-winning topics include a classicist’s examination of transgender lives in ancient Rome, an astrophysicist’s research on superluminous supernovae, and a mechanical engineer’s creation of a compressed air assisted bicycle.

Finding a Proxy: SEAS Seniors Submit Theses After Unconventional Research Year

With limited or no access to all of laboratory equipment at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, many seniors had to adapt to researching and writing their theses remotely. Some relied more on computer-aided research, while others found inventive ways to still utilize in-person experimentation.

Seniors Celebrate Thesis Submissions With Minimal ‘Pomp and Circumstance’

For members of the Class of 2021, virtual thesis submission is the latest in a string of quintessential experiences at the College that have been blighted by Covid-19. Though the College invited seniors to live on campus in the spring, not all opted to do so, and large social gatherings remain prohibited.

Rethinking the Science Thesis: Rising Seniors Adapt Lab Research Amid Covid-19

Laboratories affiliated with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences have scaled-down operations since March of last year due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Against this backdrop, science concentrators in the Class of 2022 have been planning and adapting their senior theses with these restrictions in mind.

Social Science Concentrators Adapt to the Virtual Thesis Process

In an unprecedented semester of virtual learning, seniors concentrating in social science disciplines say they have faced a host of new challenges in completing their theses — but also a few upsides which come with an all-virtual writing process.

Eighty Harvard Undergraduates Awarded 2020 Hoopes Prize

Each year, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences awards Hoopes Prizes to honor College seniors by “recognizing, promoting, honoring, and rewarding excellence in the work of undergraduates and their capabilities and skills in any subject.”

Seventy-Two Harvard College Seniors Awarded 2019 Hoopes Prize

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences awards Hoopes Prizes annually to a select number of nominated student projects. The prizes aim to honor College seniors by “recognizing, promoting, honoring, and rewarding excellence in the work of undergraduates and their capabilities and skills in any subject.”

How To: Get a Late Start on Your Thesis

​It’s already more than halfway through September and some seniors may just realizing that they have a thesis to do...oops. Here are things you should remember as you kick your thesis into gear.

64 Undergraduates Receive Annual Hoopes Prize

​Sixty-four undergraduates learned Wednesday that they had received the College’s Hoopes Prize, an award that recognizes outstanding scholarly work or research. The majority of this year’s awardees received the prize for their senior theses or senior projects.

After Submitting Theses, Seniors Defend their Findings

​With the stress of submitting a senior thesis behind them, some students now face a new challenge of presenting and defending their findings to faculty and peers.

Theses Submitted, Seniors Excited to Leave the Library

Members of the Class of 2016 who submitted their senior theses said they are looking forward to spending their newfound free time away from libraries and looming deadlines.

Seniors Reflect on Their Thesis Experiences

As thesis deadlines rapidly approach, Harvard seniors reflected on the intellectual challenges associated with tackling massive projects​ and the struggle to balance regular coursework and writing.

How to Spot a Thesising Senior

​We’re now in the home stretch of the year. We await the coming of spring, which will probably arrive by late May if we’re lucky. But also approaching very quickly (or slowly depending on who you are) are the deadlines for senior theses. Of course not all seniors will be trading in their social lives for some quality time with their laptop in the library this semester. In fact, there is quite a sharp distinction between your studious, stressed out, sleep deprived senior working on a thesis, and your checked out, never stressed non-thesising senior who seemingly never leaves the Dhall. Two very different breeds of senior who do not take being mixed up lightly. We’re here to help you spot the difference.

Seniors Present Research at Weatherhead Center

After spending the summer researching around the world, 17 seniors presented their findings at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs’ undergraduate thesis conference last Thursday and Friday.

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