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Tatte: Why I Took Out Student Loans

Tatte, we’re so glad you’re here. Perfect timing with the opening, too. With an indefinitely long HUDS strike imminent and frozen food as our likely only offered option, you can bet on a flood of Harvard students coming your way.

Harvard Square Tea Tasting: A Spiritual Journey

As the temperature finally drops and midterm season comes back, the need for warmth and caffeine becomes more and more urgent. While many, including myself, swear by coffee, there exists a portion of students who are swayed more by tea. This less popular and often less caffeinated drink seems to be overshadowed by the power that the java has, especially during days when you need to finish a paper at 4 am. While coffeehouses are too numerous to count, locations to experience something other than the HUDS-provided English Breakfast or Green Tea are limited. To find these places and fully experience the joy of drinking unique teas, I gave up coffee for a weekend and embarked on a tasting of some of the teas Harvard Square provides.

Ivy League Snapchat Story Highlights

Snapchat is constantly coming up with new ways to try and keep us entertained. One of the most recent additions is the Ivy League Campus Story, providing us with a live update of what is going on at the other seven Ivies.

Halloween at Harvard: Best Costumes on Campus

Harvard students are known for being creative. Sure, they can craft resumes that resemble works of art, write Pulitzer-worthy papers on books they've never read, and spin epic tales about their accomplishments during job interviews at McKinsey. But how creative are they on the one holiday where it really matters the most: Halloween? To solve this great mystery, on Friday Flyby scoped out the costume scene on campus to bring you some of the most creative, the most weird and the most Harvard relevant costumes of the crop.

What Should You Be Watching on TV This Fall?

All Harvard students need a TV show or two to binge watch. Remember -- it is sometimes important to avoid responsibilities and take a mental vacation. Here are 6 shows you should be watching:

PSA: New Vegetarian Food Truck in the SC Plaza

Walking through the gates on a cold, cold winter day just got a little bit brighter! There is a new food truck in town, and the reviews are in. Rhythm n’ Wraps, a vegetarian food truck, is delicious!

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