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Sean Caron

Sean Caron, managing director of Harvard Real Estate, has been named the school's next vice president of Campus Services.

Harvard University Housing Accommodate Residents Amid Pandemic

As of Thursday, the governors of at least 38 states — including Massachusetts — had issued stay-at-home orders in an attempt to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. For some affiliates, staying at home means staying in homes that are owned by Harvard.

For Seventh Year in a Row, Harvard Fails to Meet PILOT Program Recommendation

Harvard’s contribution to the City of Boston in 2018 fell short of the amount of money the city requested from the University as part of a program in which some schools make contributions to the city instead of paying taxes.

Harvard Sells Majority Stake in NYC Properties for $244 Million

Harvard Management Company sold its majority stake in a portfolio of properties scattered around New York City to Blackstone Group for nearly $244 million.

Harvard to Spin Out Real Estate Management to Bain Capital

​Harvard Management Company will outsource its real estate management team to Boston-based private equity firm Bain Capital.

Holden Green Residents Prepare Complaint About Living Conditions

Residents of the complex, many of them graduate students and professors, describe seemingly endless piles of dust, deafening jackhammering, and occasional water leakage.

Becoming Jared Kushner

Although it is difficult to determine the structure of private corporations like Kushner Companies, mortgage documents obtained by The Crimson indicate that Jared Kushner was vice president of 10 corporations as an undergrad, each of which operated as a part of Kushner Companies.

City Council Pressures Harvard Square Theater Owner to Make Plans for Property

Cambridge city officials are pushing the owners of the long-vacant Harvard Square Theater to come up with a plan for its future soon—and threatening to seize the site if they do not.

With an External Real Estate Team, HMC May Face Increased Fees

Experts say that if the real estate team continues to do business with Harvard Management Company as an external management unit, it could earn salaries well above what members of the team drew in at HMC for doing mostly the same job.

Allston Task Force Returns from Summer Break with Two Resignations

Two longtime task force members offered their resignations and Allston residents heard the first details about the new Trader Joe’s slated to open on Western Ave. next year in an action-packed meeting of the Harvard-Allston Task Force on Monday night.

City Council Meeting Focuses on Increasing Affordable Housing

At its Monday meeting, the Cambridge City Council tackled issues ranging from the affordable housing crisis, to a potential medical marijuana dispensary, and prescription drugs disposal.

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