What Should Single People Do On Valentine’s Day?

Are you single this Valentine’s Day? Want to find something to do instead of crying alone in your dorm while consuming an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in one sitting? Take this quiz, perfectly crafted to give you the ideal way to spend your February 14th!

Which Proposed Turkey Mascot Name Are You?

Earlier this month, you received a poll from the HUA about whether we should have a turkey mascot and what it should be named. Putting aside the general absurdity of this event, Flyby is doing what we do best and telling you which of these options you can immediately align yourself with.

What Fall-Related Emoji Are You Based on Your Favorite Buildings on Campus?

There are many questions that need to be answered, but the most important: What fall emoji are you? Based on the buildings that are close to your heart, flyby presents you with the v-onderful answers you’ve al-v-ays v-anted (:p).

How Early Should You Get to Class?

There are only two types of people in this world: those who arrive early to their nine a.m. and those who have never attended their lecture unless attendance was mandatory. Find out what time you should be getting to class with this flowchart.

Visitas Bingo 2023!

Ah, Visitas. The place you’ll either meet friends for life or friends who you’ll lose to the Bulldog Days they won’t let you forget they’re attending after. Go make the most out of it and try to get Bingo!

Will You Say Yes To Harvard?

You might think you have what it takes, but do you really? Will you make the wisest decision of your life in a week’s time? Will you open your application portal and check yes to committing? Flyby might not have a crystal ball—ours got confiscated in 2013—but answer a few questions, and we’ll give you our best (95.7% accurate) guess on whether or not Harvard’s in your future.

Which Type of Visitas Student Are You?

Harvard has its stereotypes, just like every other school. But the clique you’re in at your high school doesn’t matter here. This weekend, you reinvent yourself. What’s your new persona? Take this quiz to find out.

What Kind of Harvard Friend Are You?

We know you’re a great friend. An amazing friend. An absolutely fantabulous friend. But, umm, exactly what kind of friend are you? Take this quiz, and we’ll let you know.​​​​​​​

Quiz: How Snakey Are You?

Harvard is a jungle. There are squirrels, rats, and roaches — but most of all, our precious snakes. To all the line cutters and "let's grab a meal" ghosters with closets full of patagonias, this quiz is for you. Will you be exposed? Find out:

The Only Harvard Yard Tourist Bingo You’ll Need

Goodbye 70-degree days (mostly) — fall has arrived in full force and, so it’s (finally?) time to spend our days trekking over a warm-colored mosaic of leaves and wondering when we’ll next slip on a pile of them. In case your impromptu slip-and-slide pushes you into a horde of tourists, Flyby’s got you covered with this bingo card to turn even the most awkward encounters into a win.

We Bet You Can't Survive Haunted Harvard

Every season is spooky season when you go to Harvard and have a monstrous amount of scary psets, papers, and readings piling up every week. Take this quiz to judge whether your scholarly scares have prepared you to survive the horrors of Haunted Harvard. Will you be the genius who beats the system or will you be dead in the first five minutes?

How Well Do You and Your Roomie Really Know Each Other?

First-years: it’s been over a month since you first met the perfect stranger(s) Harvard promised you’d get along with. Maybe you immediately clicked, or maybe their ability to live in filth and inability to replace the toilet paper in your in-suite bathroom have pushed you to consider transferring to Yale.

Is Your Club at Harvard an MLM?

Cutco. Herbalife. Avon. Check out the flowchart to see if your club will join the roster of the most famous multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes (a.k.a legal pyramid schemes for all you naive humanities concentrators) – maybe you’ll end up selling knives or passing out Insomnia Cookies outside the Science Center too. Only time will tell.

Alignment Chart: What to You Listen To While Studying

Considering that Harvard students signed a contract with the devil (academia) to spend every waking hour working, it is no surprise that they will do anything, especially listening to music, to make it more fun and/or efficient. Sometimes it feels like the audio is our only companion in the encroaching loneliness of Lamont. However, nothing we hold dear is safe from the Criticisms of Society, so we have decided to judge your listening choices and convict them of having certain ~vibes~.

Flyby Presents: Lecture Bingo!

We already seem to be at that time of the semester where going to lecture seems like simply too much effort. So if you needed extra motivation to show up at those 9 a.m.s – or even 10:30s – now you can play along to Flyby’s lecture bingo to keep you alert during those 75 minutes.

Flyby's Choose Your Own Adventure: A Day at Visitas Edition

Visitas for the Class of 2026 is finally here! Get ready for the classic introduction to all things truly Harvard, no matter what this weekend has in store for you. Needing a test run before the real thing? We've got you covered! And for our dear, dear members of Class of 2024 and 2025 – here's your chance to relive those previously-virtual glory days in your own version of Visitas 2.0! ;-)

Too Hot to Handle? Let's See How Long Your Visitas Relationship Will Last

Visitas: a tradition beloved by pre-frosh and upperclassmen alike (or deeply hated, depending on who you're asking). Besides leaving with newly made friends, 100 more Instagram followers, random club merch, and free food, some of you may even be walking away with a new boo in tow. But not all relationships are built to last.... will yours?

Visitas Bingo 2022!

The time has come for pre-frosh to once again ~descend~ upon Harvard’s campus. As a result, I’ve compiled some of the most common shared traumas experiences during Visitas. Godspeed younglings.

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