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Ice Chips Figure Skating Show

Ice Chips, Boston Figure Skating Club's annual show, is occurring Saturday and Sunday at Harvard's Bright-Landry Center. The show features Javier Fernandez, the two-time world champion, along with local Boston skaters.

Chuck Hagel at the IOP

Charles T. Hagel, former US Secretary of Defense, answers questions about his nomination process at the IOP on Tuesday night. Hagel is a visiting fellow at the Institute of Politics.

International Women's Day on the Radio

Madge Kaplan speaks fondly of her experiences working on a 24-hour radio show showcasing women’s voices on International Women’s Day during the 80s, while Kate Rushin, Eileen Bolinsky, Melanie Berzon, and Anita McFadden smile in remembrance.

Faculty Deans Provide Food

Students partake in a study break hosted by the Dunster faculty deans which featured make-your-own-guacamole, croissants, and more. As the strike continues, many Houses are hosting such events to supplement their students’ diets.

Media and the Election

Former White House Correspondent and current IOP fellow Ann Compton speaks with former CBS reporter Bob L. Schieffer and moderator Nicco Mele on media’s changing role in the 2016 election.

Spring Faculty Meeting

David I. Laibson ’88, chair of the Economics Department, and Jeffrey A. Myron, the department’s director of undergraduate studies, head into University Hall on Tuesday afternoon for a Faculty meeting.

A Finish Line Embrace

A participant embraces a friend on the sideline as he approaches the end of the Boston Marathon route. A Canadian flag - one of the many flags displayed near the finish line - billows in the wind behind.

What Moves You?

"I want to hold [time] in my arms and tell it thank you/I’m done progressing through life/I want my soul to move through moments and decide their worth for myself," recited Anna K. Antongiorgi '19 during ‘What Moves You?’ a Harvard Dance Project performance combining dance, music, and poetry on Friday evening. The cast worked with choreographers to translate answers to the question ‘What moves you?’ into movement.

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