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Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies was one of the first centers to receive funding under Title VI of President Dwight D. Eisenhower's National Defense Education Act, which provided federal funding to educational programs that sought to benefit national security and U.S. economic interests.

Harvard Name, President Bacow Played Key Role in Overcoming Freshman’s Visa Denial

Harvard’s reputation and University President Lawrence S. Bacow’s direct involvement likely played an essential role in getting Ismail B. Ajjawi ’23 to campus, experts and several people involved in the case said.

Middle East Reporting

In Sever Hall, four prominent journalists named Michael Petrou, Jonathan Guyer, Izzy Finkel, and Sharaf al-Hourani spoke about the moral responsibiliies and challenges of reporting on Middle East news.

Resettling Syrian Refugees: The Intersection of Rehabilitation and Protection

Meredith Blake moderates a panel consisting of Kate Akkaya, JD, Dr. Denis Sullivan, and H.E. Reem Abu Hassan while Dr. Amira Ahmed Mohamed contributes via Skype at a live recording of a Humanitarian Assistance Podcast episode concerning the Syrian refugee crisis at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies on Wednesday.

Brookings Fellow Lays Out Transition Plan for New Middle Eastern Regimes

In his new book on unfinished revolutions in the Middle East, Brookings Institution Senior Foreign Policy Fellow Ibrahim Fraihat proposed that new governments lead inclusive national discussions to avoid violence and civil war.

Students Gather To Commemorate Victims of Violence in Israel

Students handed out flyers, held a banner reading “No excuse for terror,” and read aloud a list of names of people killed during the unrest in Israel.

War Correspondent Recounts Experience Reporting on ISIS

BBC foreign correspondent Paul Wood described his on-the-ground experience while on assignment in Syria at the Kennedy School discussion, titled “Understanding ISIS."

Mesopotamian Food Reception Draws Community Members to Semitic Museum

A woman looks at an exhibit at the Harvard Semitic Museum during a reception featuring traditional Mesopotamian cuisine. Students, professors, and community members discussed the exhibit while sampling a menu featuring 4,000-year old recipes.

Yemen Discussion

Fatima Abo Alasrar, Edward S. Mason Fellow and Yemeni citizen, emphasized the gravity of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen during a luncheon panel at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. The panel, according to Kennedy School Professor Michael C. Hudson, was assembled with initiative from current Yemeni students pursuing advanced degrees at the Kennedy School.

'Architect's Apprentice' a Detailed but Imperfect Construction

The themes are obvious and powerful, but do not beget much discussion. For these reasons, "The Architect's Apprentice" is a pleasure to read, but not a novel that stays with one for long.

Celebrating Nowruz

Faculty members and students come together to celebrate the Persian New Year and beginning of spring at the annual Nowruz celebration, which was sponsored by the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, the Islamic Studies Program, and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies in the Barker Center Monday evening.

Goldberg Paints Dire Picture of Middle East Journalism

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has broken the previously “unwritten rule” that terror organizations generally refrain from killing foreign journalists, journalist Jeffrey Goldberg argued Tuesday.

Jeffrey Goldberg HKS Talk

Jeffrey Goldberg, the national correspondent for the Atlantic, speaks about his coverage of the Middle East at the Harvard Kennedy School on Tuesday afternoon.

Panelists Discuss Middle East Tension, Cooperation

Dignitaries from Saudi Arabia and Israel discussed the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and how the world should move forward from the turmoil at a John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum panel event on Monday night at the Institute of Politics.

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