Panelists Discuss LGBTQ+ Representation in Media at Shorenstein Center Event

Harvard College’s Office of BGLTQ+ Life celebrated the start of Transgender Awareness Week with a Shorenstein Center panel on media representation on Monday.

Questions Linger About Death of Harvard Student Rodrigo Ventocilla as Autopsy Produces Inconclusive Results

An autopsy on the body of Rodrigo Ventocilla Ventosilla, a transgender Harvard Kennedy School student from Peru who died in police custody in Indonesia earlier this year, yielded inconclusive findings in September, leaving unanswered questions about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Over 400 Harvard Affiliates Sign Petition Requesting More Resources for LGBTQ+ Graduate Students

More than 400 Harvard affiliates signed a petition urging top University administrators to provide more resources for LGBTQ+ graduate students by hiring one or more full-time employees dedicated to supporting students, faculty, and staff across the graduate schools.

Estudiante de Harvard Kennedy School Rodrigo Ventocilla Ventosilla es recordado como un ‘luchador’ por los derechos trans

Rodrigo Ventocilla Ventosilla, un estudiante del Harvard Kennedy School quien murió bajo custodia policial en Indonesia el mes pasado, es recordado como un “luchador” por los derechos de las personas trans en Perú y el extranjero.

In Reversal, Peruvian Government Calls for ‘Official Report’ from Indonesia About Harvard Student who Died After Arrest in Bali

In a sharp reversal, the Peruvian Foreign Affairs Ministry on Friday asked for an “official report” from authorities in Indonesia “to clarify the circumstances” surrounding the death of Rodrigo Ventocilla Ventosilla, a Peruvian Harvard Kennedy School student who died in police custody in Bali earlier this month.

Estudiante de posgrado Rodrigo Ventocilla muere después de presunto maltrato policial en Indonesia

Rodrigo Ventocilla Ventosilla, un estudiante peruano de 32 años de la Harvard Kennedy School, murió el 11 de agosto bajo custodia policial en Denpasar, Indonesia, después  de presuntamente haber sido maltratado y discriminado por la policía.

BGLTQ+ Athletes

Keely N. Moy '22, a hockey player at Harvard, is one of four athletes who created an ally group to support BGLTQ-identifying student athletes this year.

Seven Board Members Resign From Harvard BGLTQ Alumni Group Over Diversity Dispute

Seven board members of the Harvard Gender and Sexuality Caucus, an alumni-led organization serving BGLTQ University affiliates, resigned earlier this month after controversy arose over the board’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

‘We’ll Keep Telling the Truth’: A Century Later, Harvard Affiliates Continue Pushing Harvard to Address 1920 Secret Court

In 1920, administrators at Harvard convened a Secret Court to convict 14 individuals "guilty" of involvement or ties to "any homosexual act." A century later — but just two decades after the Court was first exposed — affiliates continue efforts to address the little-known history.

Secret Court Centennial Begins with Faculty, Student Panels

To commemorate the centennial of the Secret Court of 1920, Harvard affiliates on two panels last week reflected on past and present issues facing queer students at the school as part of an event series entitled “Secret Court 100: Harvard’s Queer Century.”

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