Many students use this laundry facility, located in the basement of Canaday Hall.

Why Harvard is Better than Yale: A Quick Guide

As we approach Thanksgiving – and Harvard’s inevitable seventh consecutive win against Yale in the Harvard-Yale football game – it seems like a good time to reflect upon a few other reasons why we’re grateful not to have to spend four years in New Haven.

A Practical Guide to Life at Harvard: Part II – Help, My Pants Don’t Fit!

Far away from the comforts of home, many of us are flabbergasted when confronted with the basic requirements of acting (and looking) like civilized human beings. This guide will serve as a roadmap to navigating the challenges of taking care of yourself in Cambridge.

Take Care of Your Laundry: A Rant

Believe me, I am grateful that no one has defecated on Harvard laundry, but I’ve suddenly realized that I have no laundry to be soiled because it turns out Harvard students do not know how to properly use laundry machines at all.

Campus Currencies: A Detailed Breakdown

I’ve spent time recently in Lamont Cafe, Annenberg, and Pennypacker basement, despite not being a freshman (extenuating circumstances for each, I swear!), and I’ve overheard way too many conversations to this effect: “Did you know Harvard gives us money to buy burritos??” “I heard that, but I want to save money to do laundry…” Actually, that's not quite how it works. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our campus currencies—not that we should need it, but we evidently do.

LaundryView Service Now Available

You may be pleased to know that LaundryView, the laundry service that was being installed last semester, is now available in all Houses and freshman dorms.

Say Goodbye to Laundry Room Woes

We’ve all been there. After carrying a hamper full of clothes all the way to the laundry room, you discover that all machines are full. What to do then? Loiter around until one of the machines finishes, or lug your clothes back at a later time—and possibly face the same situation again? Well, Quincy House administrators are in the process of implementing a system that may eliminate this dilemma forever.

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