In The Meantime

The Word: Capital

It’s summer, the time when kids who are almost college seniors try out the real world of gainful employment. For me, that means working in media in Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital. For many of my close friends, though, it means working in banking, private equity, or any company whose last name is Capital.

Alien Encounters

When we finally reached Machu Picchu, the planes, trains, and automobiles were worth it. A never-ending line of vibrantly green peaks with a gushing river at their bases surrounded our insignificant bodies. Climbing over the stones strolled upon by my Inca counterparts 600 years ago, I truly was on an adventure.

A Trip to the Zoo

Following ancient Vietnamese culture, I spent my New Years at the Zoo in Ho Chi Min City listening to top 40 songs.

Noche Buena

Many Americans probably don’t know this, but the Philippines starts celebrating Christmas in September.

A Growing Movement: Students Aim to Change Culture and Policies Surrounding Sexual Assault on Campus

3,066. That’s the number of students—85 percent of those who voted in the latest UC election—who agreed with the UC referendum asserting that Harvard should reexamine its sexual assault practices and policies.


It’s an Australian thing, I told whoever proudly. It’s a habit that you learn from chilly beach days when you feel the wind grow chiller, and you can see the days grow shorter, and when you know, you just know, this means that Summer’s ending so you’ll all be back at school soon, and all those Summer Dreams you dreamed all year are never coming true, or not this time around at least.

It Takes Two: Aron Zingman and Jackie E. Stenson

Aron Zingman and Jackie E. Stenson, co-tutors in Cabot House, have been dating for the last two and a half years. Last summer, they took a two and a half-week motorcycle road trip together, traversing Scandinavia’s harsh terrain.

Post-Occupy (Pre)Occupations

Over a year later, members of Occupy Harvard continue to engage in activism inspired by the movement, and reflect on its legacy on campus.

Ten Question with Ken L. Burns

On a cold Wednesday afternoon, FM sat down in Harvard’s Center for the Environment with internationally renowned documentary filmmaker Ken L. Burns, who was visiting Harvard to promote his new film, “The Dust Bowl,” a historical account of the ecological disasters of the 1930s.

The Word: Turf

The air was dry. Not a sticky heat, the type that made droplets of sweat spring up across your arms; this was different, worse, stagnant, exhausting. It was the sort of weather that stuck in your throat, left you grabbing and spitting at the team’s green Gatorade water bottles by half time. This was Saint Helena. Wine country.

Just Once

One time I knew what life was for, in Cambridge along the Charles.

Riding on the Past

“My faith is not ashamed of me. The God I understand is not ashamed of me. Or the people that I work with. I don’t think that there are more gut-real stronger people than the ones you meet on the street. They sure know how to survive the un-survivable.”

Rejection Letter: Harvard Yale Stayover

Dear Applicant, I sincerely regret to inform you that we cannot, at this time, offer you admittance to Stoughton Hall 211’s futon for the night preceding the Harvard-Yale football game.

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