Harvard Greenhouse Gas Emissions Flatlined for Fifth Straight Year in 2020

Nearly every aspect of Harvard’s operations changed in 2020, with much of the campus left empty due to Covid-19. But the University’s campus greenhouse gas emissions remained stagnant for a fifth straight year last year, according to preliminary data released Friday as part of the University’s 2020 sustainability report.

School of Public Health Panel Discusses Air Pollution, Climate Change

Public health professionals joined leaders from academia, government, and the private sector to discuss the biggest threats to climate and global health at a Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health forum on Wednesday.

White House National Climate Advisor and Activists Address Student Climate Conference

The deputy White House climate advisor discussed how the Biden administration will tackle climate change during one of the administration's first speaking engagements on climate change this year in a webinar hosted by the Student Climate Conference at Harvard.

Steven C. Wofsy

Wofsy and his team maintain a worldwide network of ground and airborne instruments dedicated to monitoring changes in the climate and the atmosphere. They are currently preparing to fly 70,000 km in order to measure pollution in the remotest areas of the world. ​

Office of Sustainability's Living Lab

The Office of Sustainability will be housing the renewed "Living Laboratory" initiative, whose core mission is to use the Harvard campus as a test bed for new ideas related to combating climate change and improving public health.

Harvard Affiliates Urge Geophysical Union to Drop Exxon Sponsorship

Several Harvard students and professors co-signed a letter calling for the president of the American Geophysical Union to end all union sponsorship ties with ExxonMobil, joining more than 100 members of the organization and other geoscientists.

Conservation Scientist Urges Sustainable Business

In a lecture titled “How Nature Can Save Us,” M. Sanjayan focused on how important nature is to humans.

Mossavar-Rahmani Center

The Mossavar-Rahmani Center at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government is one of 230 certified Green Offices at Harvard.

Green Transportation Celebration

Cyclists, fitness enthusiasts, and doughnut-lovers alike stop by the Green Transportation Celebration in the Science Center Plaza to learn more about traveling “green” at Harvard on Thursday.

Green Transportation Event Showcases Sustainability Efforts

The annual event aims to “let [the University community] know [about] all the stakeholders that are promoting sustainable transportation across campus,” said Ben Hammer of CommuterChoice.

Green Transportation Celebration

On Thursday, members of the Harvard community stop by the Science Center Plaza to learn more about green transportation initiatives on campus. Here, an eco-friendly bus was a topic of discussion.

Fas Green Program Freecycle

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences Green Program in partnership with the Law School’s Green Team held a reusable item donation stand at the Science Center plaza. Visitors could donate and take any reusable item from the stand.

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