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Harvard Teacher Fellows Subsumed by New HGSE Master’s Program

Harvard Teacher Fellows — a teacher training initiative for students at the College — will no longer accept new cohorts of students as it is rolled into a new degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

UC Endorses Petitions in Support of Cornel West and Against Statements by J. Mark Ramseyer

The Undergraduate Council voted to endorse a pair of statements during its Sunday night meeting — one supporting a petition to grant tenure to Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy Cornel R. West ’74, and another to condemn statements made by Harvard Law professor J. Mark Ramseyer.

Five Things Shorter than My Gen Ed Readings

So you've finally got your schedule set, books purchased, and go-to Zoom background prepared — now all that's left is to actually do your assignments, right? Except somehow that "gem" of a Gen Ed has decided that you and your peers are in need of eight articles, six book chapters, and three novellas-worth of reading each week. At this point, pretty much anything is shorter than your dreaded assignments, so why not spend some time reading the Declaration of Independence or journeying to your nearest water source instead?

College Will Require All Fall Courses to Guarantee Students Two to Four Hours of Live Interaction

Though all courses will be virtual this fall, Harvard College expects professors to guarantee every student — regardless of time zone — between two and four hours of live interaction with course staff or peers each week, according to official College guidelines.

New Gen Ed Lottery System Marks 'Significant Improvement,' Khurana Says

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana said he thinks Harvard’s new lottery system for General Education courses marks a “significant improvement” over the previous process in a Tuesday interview.

Students, Professors Express Mixed Feelings Regarding New Gen Ed Lottery System

The College’s new enrollment system for its required General Education program rolled out this week to mixed reviews.

CS50 Tops Course Enrollment While Popular Gen Eds Fall Short Due to Course Caps

Computer Science 50: “Introduction to Computer Science” retained the reigning spot as the College’s largest course this fall, a distinction held by the perennially popular Economics 10a: “Principles of Economics” up until 2017.

Gen Ed Office Creating New Lotteried Enrollment System As Faculty Criticize Course Caps

As students wrap up shopping week and faculty finalize course enrollments, several instructors in the College’s new General Education program say they are confused and frustrated by a rule capping their classes at 250 students.

Harvard Launched Sweeping Changes to Undergrad Education This Semester. Here’s What You Need to Know.

As returning students begin another year at Harvard, many will confront different requirements for completing their degrees than those in effect when the graduating class left last spring.

The Science of Happiness

Students crowd into a lecture hall in William James to shop GENED 1154: "The Science of Happiness."

Shopping Week To Stay — For Now

The Faculty also sparred over and ultimately approved a proposed Quantitative Reasoning with Data requirement for the General Education program. Students beginning with the Class of 2023 must now take a class that allows them to “think critically about data.”

Dean of Undergraduate Education Claybaugh Seeks to Improve Faculty Teaching, Advising

Claybaugh said one of her main priorities in the years ahead is to “do more” with academic advising, a request undergraduates have expressed to her since she took office. In particular, she hopes to pair students with advisers more tailored to their concentrations and focus on identifying common sources of academic stress.

Harvard Professors Prepare for New General Education Program Rollout

Faculty members gearing up to teach General Education courses under the revised program this fall say they are excited about the prospect of reaching new students. Some faculty members are preparing entirely new curricula to fit the requirements, while others are revamping previously offered courses to reach a broader audience.

Faculty to Vote On Altered Foreign Language Requirement at November Meeting

A new proposal would eliminate the “written component” of the requirement, allowing students to instead use languages such as American Sign Language and Ancient Greek to fulfill that demand.

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