Applied Math

Harvard Professor Melanie Wood Becomes First Woman to Win Waterman Award in Mathematics

The National Science Foundation named Harvard Mathematics professor Melanie M. Wood one of two recipients of the 2021 Alan T. Waterman Award earlier this month, making her the first woman to win the award in mathematics.

Deriving the Right Note

The music track of the applied math concentration brings together computation, mathematical modeling, and music theory and composition to produce a uniquely quantitative study that serve to redefine Harvard’s liberal arts system for the silicon age.

Applied Math 141r: Computational Music Theory

(from left) George D. Torres ‘17, Dayne A. Davis ‘16, and Gordon P. Michas ‘17 work on their musical instruments during Applied Math 141r: Computational Music Theory on Thursday afternoon.

Harvard Thinks Big VI

My eyes are tearing up as I make my way up to the balcony seats in Sanders Theater. Not because I’m overly excited by the prospect of Harvard Thinks Big VI, but because it is cold as hell, and my eyes haven’t stopped watering since I stepped outside.

Times Data Scientist Highlights Importance of User Data

Christopher H. Wiggins, chief data scientist at The New York Times, said the role of a data scientist is especially important as the journalism industry adjusts to changes to its business model.

Innovation on Display at SEAS Design and Project Fair

Members of the Harvard community gathered Tuesday to display the products of their scientific ingenuity at the third annual School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Design and Project Fair.

Forget Math 55: We Can Add Vectors at Harvard

To kick off the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ $2.5 billion capital campaign, Harvard administrators and faculty spent Saturday morning wowing supporters and friends of Harvard with tales of all the amazing things students and researchers are doing on campus. It’s no surprise they tried to play this angle up—after all, a good chunk of the money Harvard hopes to raise will go towards improving teaching and enhancing the learning experience.

Vector Math

Rather than highlight one of the many examples of advanced mathematical research and scholarship conducted at Harvard, the back page of an official FAS campaign booklet showcased… vector addition.

A Talk with Dr. Stephen Wolfram

Dr. Stephen Wolfram, scientist and founder of search engine WolframAlpha and computation software Mathematica, suggests at a lecture Thursday that computation will be increasingly critical to a broad range of fields.

Concentration Satisfaction: Class of 2012

As freshmen enter the second week of Advising Fortnight, Flyby presents a complete set of data from the Class of 2012's concentration satisfaction ratings. For all freshmen looking to narrow down the list of potential concentrations, sophomores or juniors curious about their chosen concentrations, and seniors reflecting on their undergraduate careers, here are the stats from last year's graduating seniors on how satisfied they were with their respective concentrations. Check out our four interactive graphs showing overall satisfaction rates among Humanities, Natural Sciences, SEAS, and Social Sciences concentrators in the Class of 2012.

Ben Zauzmer Wins Oscars

With the Academy Awards now over, Flyby caught up with Harvard's very own Oscar guru Ben Zauzmer '15. Zauzmer, who published data predicting the Oscar wins, used available data pertaining to the nominees to predict the likelihood they would go home with an Oscar. Zauzmer tells Flyby how the math matched up to the winning movies.

Harvard's Oscar Guru

Ben T. Zauzmer '15, an Applied Math concentrator in Mather House, gained Internet fame last year for his strikingly accurate predictions of who would win the 2012 Oscars. This year, he's at it again. Using results from similar awards shows, critics' picks, and other available data, Zauzmer runs statistical analyses to determine the probability that nominated movies, directors, or actresses will win in their given categories this Sunday. Flyby sat down with Zauzmer to talk movies and math.

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