Cabot House

By Nayeli Cardozo and Sami E. Turner
Welcome to Cabot House! Don’t let the mascot fool you: there’s nothing fishy about Cabot House. In fact, the only thing Cabot takes more seriously than fish is its slogan “Semper Cor” (which translates to “Always Heart”). Dive into the water, relax, and let Cabot glub glub its way into your heart.
By Raymond Wu

By Joey Huang

Quirks and Perks

Before we dive into Cabot's dorms, wait until you first hear about all the amenities Cabot offers. The main hub of student life in the house is Cabot Cafe, a student-run cafe that serves drinks and desserts (“blueberry cake is to die for,” said HoCo Co-Chair Nia L. Burch ’24 with enthusiastic agreement from fellow Co-Chair Cassandra D. Brewster ’24) and hosts student performances on Thursday nights. Cabot is also home to the Aquarium, a popular party space that student organizations are constantly battling each other for. “People will go to the Quad for a party at the Aquarium. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, everybody, you see everybody at the Aquarium,” Burch laughed. Aside from those two spaces, Cabot also has an art studio called The Third Space where students can take pottery classes, a 24-hour gym, as well as a theater which hosts a student-led Cabot Musical every year.

The two big celebrations Cabot hosts are Semper Corpse and Festivus. Semper Corpse is a Halloween celebration thrown every Fall semester, complete with pumpkin carving, s’mores, a costume contest, and occasionally a horror movie on the lawn. Festivus is a secular holiday celebration described by Brewster as a “silly-ish kind of event where we really just want people to come out and have fun.” Food (usually a mix of Thai, Indian, and Chinese) is catered with desserts provided by HUDS, and emcees host activities and competitions throughout the night. As a part of Festivus, students can also participate in a Burning of Grievances where they write a grievance on a piece of paper and throw it in a fire pit to enter the new year unburdened (it’s much less hazardous than it sounds).

All About Housing

Split into six buildings surrounding the Quad Lawn, Cabot House is the (unofficial) ruler of the lawn. Four are connected via underground tunnels, including the building housing the dhall, so many students don’t have to brave the harsh elements outside in order to grab a meal. This arrangement also adds to Cabot’s cozy and welcoming environment, something Burch and Brewster really love about the house. “When you’re walking through the tunnels, you see the different murals, you see people studying in little nooks, and it just feels very warm,” Burch said.

In terms of the actual dorms, sophomores in Cabot have a high chance of snagging a single, whether it be a true hallway single or a single in one of Cabot’s many n + 1 suites (AKA a suite with n rooms plus a separate common room). A unique feature of Cabot’s housing lottery is its wishlist. If you find yourself dissatisfied with the room you’re placed in, you can write a letter individually or as a suite to the house administrator with more preferred rooms or arrangements. “There’s a high likelihood that you will end up in one of the rooms that you put on your wish letter,” said Brewster.

Your Questions, Answered

Still feel like you haven’t quite grasped Cabot’s vibe? Read on to find out more about what Brewster and Burch have to say about their House.

What do you want to say to all the Cabot antis and naysayers?

CDB: I’d want to know how much time they’ve spent in Cabot. If they haven’t spent much time in Cabot or in the Quad in general, I’d welcome them to come and see what it’s like.

NLB: I definitely second that. Come pet a dog. Touch the grass. Speak with some Cabotians. You’ll realize it’s actually a really awesome place.

What HUDS dish would you say Cabot House is?

NLB: Something red and orange. Chicken parmesan.

CDB: Red spiced chicken. But I feel like a lot of people like the chicken parmesan.

NLB: When I think of Cabot, I do think of home and warmth, so I feel like it’d be a soup lowkey. What’s that dumpling soup? That’s what I associate with Cabot.

If Cabot was a person, what show do you think it’d be obsessed with?

CDB: Fish Hooks? Fish Hooks was a cute little Disney show……. I think it’s very on brand.

NLB: I think it gives the vibes and energy of Cabot. Like we’re fun, we’re colorful, silly.

CBD: We embrace all of those things.

NLB: And we’re fish. Fish ’til the end.

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