Housing Market 2022 is Here!

Flyby's long awaited Housing Market 2022 is here!

3/7 — For the first day of this year's Housing Market, we present The Quad! Check out our writers' takes on the farthest but friendliest houses from The Square! The community and amenities in The Quad are unparalleled and we are excited for all of our readers that will soon call it home!

3/8 — On the second day of this year's Housing Market, we present River East! Read all about the neighborhood with the shortest trek to the SEC, two shuttle stops, and the most stellar view of Week's Bridge and the Charles!

3/9 — On this fine Wednesday, we bring to you River West! Learn all the secret perks of living in this neighborhood situated in between the MAC and the Charles! In addition to a very ~classic~ Harvard housing experience, if you're lucky enough to end up in one of these houses, you'll be just a short walk from the Kennedy School and Harvard's Athletic Complex!

3/10 — It flew by friends! We're wrapping up Housing Market 2022 today :') with The Square! If you end up in Lowell, Quincy, or Adams, we know there's no stopping you from flexing your proximity to the Yard, your classes, and let's face it — everything else that matters. Center of attention, much?

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