An Ode to the New HUDS Salad Bar

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After two weeks (but what felt like a month) of grab ‘n’ go dining, we walked back into the dhalls, hearts full and stomachs empty, ready to enjoy some good ole Vegan Cassoulet or Emerald Beef and Vegetable Stir-Fry. Our routine used to be simple: get admonished by the swipe person for not having our HUID ready, grab a silly little tray and a silly little fork and a silly little knife, and pace the dhall much like an overexcited David Malan, looking for whatever seems good that day. But lo and behold, we were met with a glorious sight: the New Salad Bar — and yes, it does merit capitalization, it’s that life changing.

Gone are the days of trying to mix your salad in one of those not-quite-plate-but-it’s-also-not-a-bowl plates and spilling half of it onto the try. No more of trying and failing to create your favorite Sweetgreen salad with only the Mesclun Greens, Cherry Tomatoes, and the “Mediterranean Tuna Salad.” Beyond a brand new look, the Salad Bar of Your Dreams now boasts special toppings such as pickled red onions, flaked parmesan, salmon, fresh olives, green and red peppers, edamame, AND SO MUCH MORE. It’s called flavor.

We’ll overlook the fact that we almost broke our teeth on the frozen (??) avocado, and the chicken has varied throughout the semester. Progress is progress is progress is progress. As applied to the single Harvard men, I’ll take what I can get. If that means consistent proteins, hummus, someone who treats me with respect, feta cheese, and oh, did we mention the pickled red onions, I’ll be happy.

Beyond the pickled red onions <3, what tops off the New Salad Bar are the beautiful, shiny, white bowls. There’s nothing I love seeing more than walking into the dhall and seeing them freshly dishwashed, stacked in all of their glory. It’s a shock that this taken-for-granted piece of kitchenware took so long to debut in our dhalls, but we’re focusing on the present. I can stuff so much salad in them, I’m actually full when I leave lunch!

Salads You Can Try That Aren’t the “North End Chopped”

Try at your own risk.

The “50 Degrees Is So Cold!” A.K.A. The “Californian”

Mesclun greens + Romaine

Avocado (bought at Trader Joe’s)

Tricolor quinoa





Sweet potato

Tofu (because you’re a vegan)


Dressing of choice

The “Crimson Cruiser”

Mesclun greens + Romaine

Tricolor Quinoa

Cherry tomatoes

Pickled red onions


Red wine vinegar

Cranberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

The “Department of Harvard Athletics 22 Sweater”

5 chicken breasts

Low fat Italian dressing

2 hard boiled eggs

The “This is my meal twice a day”



Green + Red Peppers





Pickled Onions

Balsamic Vinaigrette

The “River Run”

9 oz. vodka sauce (sauce optional)

HUDS, we can’t thank you enough for this life-changing gift. Please never revert to the weird half-bowl half-plate contraption we lived with for so long. The day I walk into the dhall and don’t see pickled onions is the day I drop out.

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