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Although the eight Ivy League schools boast diverse student bodies, each still has their own unique characteristics and identity. Thus, using a comprehensive Google search to analyze Harvard and its seven Ivy League siblings, Flyby presents the definitive list of Ivy League schools as email send offs.

Harvard – "Best,"

The email version of the infamous brag: “I go to a small liberal arts college outside of Boston.” While this send off doesn’t really mean that we are proclaiming our superiority in our email correspondence, it is a subtle way to remind people that Harvard students are the ~best~. ;)

Yale – "My Best,"

In an effort to one-up Harvard a la Veritas versus Veritas et Lux, you can expect Yale’s email send off to be similar to Harvard in a totally not suspicious at all way. Hence, instead of the simple “Best,”, it is now “My Best,”.

Princeton – "Sincerely Yours,"

It’s the classic email send off. While effective and professional, it’s also boring, preppy, and forgettable. Basically Princeton.

Columbia – "xoxo, Gossip Girl"

Enough said.

Brown – "Sending Good Vibes," or "Peace,"

The perfect email send off for the Hippie School of the Ivy League. Brown is known for being the chill and socially-conscious Ivy. Good vibes all around.

UPenn – "I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience."

This gives off business, professional, but also sliiiightly demanding vibes. Thus, it’s perfect for the heartless future Wall Street bankers from the Wharton School of Business.

Dartmouth – "Cheers,"

The only send off that truly captures the spirit of Keggy the Keg. Besides, considering Hanover’s location in the middle of nowhere, maybe this is how Dartmouth students stay happy: By constantly reminding themselves to “cheer up!” Or maybe they’re genuinely having a great time out in Somewhere, NH? The world may never know.

Cornell – "Sent from my iPhone"

Is “Sent from my iPhone” even an email send off? Anyways, it’s perfect for everyone’s favorite “Fake Ivy.”

Although often lumped together, all eight Ivy schools have unique vibes in their own right. We hope seeing them as different types of email send offs gives you a taste of what each school is truly all about!

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