What Harvard Students Say vs. What They Mean

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When you arrive at Harvard, you might be unaware of the distinct phrases students say that have a different meaning than their literal definitions. It is a learned language that one has to assimilate to; however, once you get the hang of it, you never forget it. Webster—I mean—Flyby has your definitions ready!

Harvard student: Omg! We have to grab lunch/coffee/dinner/boba [insert another meal or edible treat] one day!

Translation: I know we’re acquaintances but I’d really like this interaction to end. We will never follow up on this proposition.


Harvard student: Omg I was studying so late last night. I only got five hours of sleep.

Other student: Omg, I only got two!

Translation: I want to seem busier than you.


Harvard student: My family’s not rich, but I’d say we’re comfortable.

Translation: I’m freaking loaded!


Harvard Student: I’m from 30 minutes outside of New York City!

Translation: I’m from Connecticut!


Harvard Student: To jump off of [student in class]’s point…..

Translation: I didn’t do the readings, but I need participation points.

As the semester comes to a close, I am excited to have a break from Harvard language over the summer. However, these unspoken meanings of communication are one of many factors that bring the student body together, and I’m sure I’ll end up missing these slightly annoying Harvard-isms in a few weeks! <3

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